Construction World Forum

Gateway… to the world of opportunities

 For the first time in the country, to draw on the potential in the construction sector, The Eighth Gate is showcasing a dedicated ‘Construction World Forum.’

An exclusive hub dedicated for showcasing construction, furniture and décor materials in Syria, the Construction World Forum opens a world of opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Aimed at supporting the construction sector of the country, the Construction World Forum brings together all stakeholders in the industry supply chain under one roof.

From specialised construction and decoration material suppliers to specialist designers and raw material providers, the Forum will be a true one-stop-shop that energises the industry.

Be part of the vibrant 28,770 sq m precinct with dedicated merchandise loading areas and ample parking, in addition to restaurants for the convenience of visitors and clients.

Be part of the Construction World Forum: Define your niche in the industry.

Quick Facts

  • Dedicated to construction industry
  • Spanning an area of over 28,000 sq m
  • One-stop hub with all stakeholders in the construction supply chain
  • Draws on opportunities in property sector
  • Restaurants with outdoor terraces
  • Dedicated merchandise loading areas
  • Ample parking for visitors and clients 
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