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Gateway… to business excellence


Grow your business; be part of the most dynamic entrepreneurial environment in the country.

A prestigious business address, Al Rouya Commercial Buildings in The Eighth Gate offers a world-class commercial precinct that is tailored to the needs of the business community.

Eight signature buildings, located strategically near the main plaza, offer prime commercial space that makes you part of a bustling entrepreneurial community.

With the most-modern amenities and support services, this secure business destination is easily accessible from the major highways and the international airport.

With emphasis on technological advances and convenience, Al Rouya Commercial Buildings in The Eighth Gate is set in immaculately landscaped precincts with parks, walkways and the inspiring ambience of a business campus.

For the convenience of the employees, office accommodation is provided in shell and core style, giving you flexibility in design based on individual requirements.

Retail amenities, ample parking, back-up power supply, 24-hour security and maintenance support, access control to lobby and central air-conditioning add to the convenience and sense of security for clients, who can focus on their core goal of strengthening their business.


Quick Facts

  • Eight signature buildings
  • Dynamic growth environment
  • Modern design, advanced amenities
  • Easy access from highways and airport
  • Retail amenities in every building
  • Five floors of office space
  • More than 444 units
  • Underground parking
  • 24-hour security and maintenance
  • Back-up power supply
  • Access control to lobby and parking
  • Central air-conditioning 


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